Design platform Zazzle sells products designed by its large community of contributors. In Zazzle’s owns words it is a ‘people-powered design platform’. This online marketplace is based in the United States but has local platforms in many other countries as well. Zazzle streses they are about creativity, heart, integrity and amazement.


Sellers can create their own product with the design tools the site offers. The list of products the created designs can be used on is endless. There are over 1000 physical products the designs can be used on.


Buyers have the opportunity to transfer a ceratin design to a different product, which results in an abundance of possible products to buy.

Proceeds donated to charity

Dolfilms will donate a portion of each sale to the ONJ Centre and the ONJ Foundation, to support cancer treatments and research.

Dolfilms portfolio

Below is a sample of the collections of products Dolfilms has on offer with Zazzle.