Stocksites for photos and videos

Stockphotography means that content creators contribute their work, be it photos, videos, illustrations or other creative content to stocksites that take care of the promotion and sale of their creative work. Buyers can be found in the realms of commercial businesses and creative professionals as well as people who use content for personal projects.

Royalty free stocksites

Most stocksites offer royalty free licences. Royalty free means you don’t need to pay further royalties after your purchase for the use of the creative content. You will have to pay for the work, such as an image or a video clip, once and are then free to use it in your creative project, within the guidelines stated by the agency.


Stocksites can be characterized as microstock or macrostock, or even midstock. Microstock is defined by low prices for high quality images and footage produced by all types of photographers and videographers, including amateurs and hobbyists. This way of offering and buying creative content has become immensely popular since the year 2000.


Macrostock is more like the traditional way of selling and buying photographs and footage. You will mainly find professional photographers sell their work on these sites. Usually the images and footage are sold for higher prices and the licences generally have more restrictions. Macrostock images are mostly sold under rights managed licences, although more and more macrostocksites offer royalty free images as well.

In all cases, buying a high-resolution photo or video under a licence of a stock agency does not mean that the copyright on the work is transferred to the buyer. Therefore it is recommended to always credit the agency as well as the creator of the work you licenced for your design project.

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