Shutterstock is an international provider of stock photography, footage and music. Shutterstock licenses media for online download created by photographers, videographers, designers and musicians. It has a library of almost 200 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations as well 10 million video clips and music clips. You can browse their catalogue below.  

The company offers royalty free images and footage. If you are considering buying creative content, you can see their pricing plans and subscription models here. Shutterstock is considered one of the top agencies in the field of stock.

Dolfilms portfolio on Shutterstock mainly contains landscapes, nature and travel photos and videos, but some other subject are featured as well.

Become a contributor

If you are a photographer yourself and would like to become a contributor with Shutterstock it is easy to sign up. You will need to send in some photos or videos for approval first before you will be accepted. Once you have been approved you can submit as much content as you like. Each time you submit a batch of your creative work it will go through an approval process, but you can continue to submit even if some of your work is rejected.

Proceeds donated to charity

Dolfilms will donate a portion of each sale to the ONJ Centre and the ONJ Foundation, to support cancer treatments and research.

Search the Shutterstock database

You can search the online image database of Shutterstock directly from the image below

You can search the online footage database of Shutterstock directly from the image below