Redbubble print on demand products

Dolfilms designed Redbubble print on demand products are available for purchase on the Redbubble platform. Redbubble provides independent artists a way to sell their designs on a wide range of products. Each artist can open his own shop on Redbubble and sell products with their designs, made up of illustrations, drawings, photographs, and so on. All Dolfims designed products feature photos by Dolfilms. At the moment Redbubble has about 70 different products on offer, which they produce on demand in a sustainable way. So no mass production and less waste.

Sell print on demand products

Sellers can use their own designs for the products Redbubble offers. The platform now has about 70 products to use the designs on. They range from T-shirts and cushions to stickers, hoodies and scarves. Sellers can best create their design in a software program like Photoshop, since Redbubble does not have an in-built design tool, like Zazzle for instance. Artists receive a percentage of each product sold. This percentage is determined by the sellers themselves, which will naturally raise or lower the base price of the product estsablished by Redbubble. This percentage is the artist’s margin.

Buy print on demand products

Buyers can buy ready-made products on which the artist’s design has been printed. Each product is made after it has been purchased on the site. Delivery times are relatively short since Redbubble now has offices and printers in Australia, the USA and Europe. All orders are processed by Redbubble, so there is no direct contact between buyer and designer. In about one week the buyer usually receives their items.

Proceeds donated to charity

Dolfilms will donate a portion of each sale of one of its products to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre and the Olivia Newton-John Foundation, to support cancer treatments and research.

Dolfilms portfolio with Redbubble

Below you can browse products which feature photos and designs by Dolfilms.