Below you will find products and websites I recommend.  Some of the links here are so called affiliate links. If you follow any of these links and decide to purchase a product advertised on this page I may receive a small affiliate commission with no extra costs to you.

Photography gear

As a landscape and nature photographer there is some photography gear I cannot do without, such as a camera belt and a tripod/monopod. I am very pleased with my Cotton Carrier carrying system and my compact MeFoto and MeVideo tripods – one suited for stills photography and the other for videography.

I also use tools to keep track of my uploads to stock photo sites and the sales I make there. I have chosen for Stock Performer to do the anlytics and Stocksubmitter to take care of the upload and keywording process.

Tools for stock photographers

As a photographer who sells her images and footage on stock sites I find it very handy to have a tool which gives me an instant insight in my sales. The tool I have been using for quite a number of years now is called Stock Performer. The installation of the tool is simple as it is delivered as a browser extension, so you do not need to install any software on your computer. It works in the background. It collects new data every hour as long as the extension is active, otherwise you can start collecting data from your stock sites as soon as you open the extension. You can track data like overall sales or sales per agency and even per image. You can also compare your sales to previous years and it will show you how well you are doing compared to other users of Stock Performer. The extension comes in a standard and a pro version, respectively called Sparrow and Eagle. You can try Stock Performer for free for 30 days.

To upload and keyword my photos to stock sites I use a handy tool called Stocksubmitter. This smart piece of software has recently been expanded with the Microstock Plus tool, an online service to upload and submit you photos and videos and keep track of the approval process with your agencies. In time this tool tool is likely to replace the Stocksubmitter software. The new tool has some additional features like live tracking of the approval process and analytics as well as a trend prediction service.

Camera belt

One piece of gear I absolutely love is the Cotton Carrier carrying system for my camera. I am currently using the new SlingBelt Carrying System together with the lens bucket system. With the belt system you carry your camera around your waist, which prevents strain on your neck and shoulders which is so common with traditional camera straps. The additional buckets, which can be attached to the belt, provide ample space and protection for lenses, other camera gear or even a water bottle. They are all ready to grab, which almost makes a separate bag or backpack superfluous. The belt can even be extended with an additional holster, so you can carry two camera’s on the same belt.


As a landscape photographer I often need to use a tripod to work under low light conditions or when I want to do long exposures. I use a Mefoto RoadTrip tripod for photography and a MeVideo tripod for videography. The MeFoto tripod comes in three types: GlobeTrotter, RoadTrip and Backpacker. The RoadTrip tripod is sleek and compact and easy to take with you on your travels. The lightweight MeFoto tripods reverse fold to save space so you can easily carry it around. The legs can be independently locked so they can all be at diffent angles, which is extremely handy when you are out in the field. You can also reverse the center column for low shots. And most handy of all: you can convert the center colulmn and one of the legs into a monopod.

MeFoto RoadTrip tripod

For videography I use a MeVideo GlobeTrotter tripod. This tripod has many of the same features as the MeFoto tripod, but since this tripod is used to shoot videos it also has a fluid ball head. The head can be removed so that it can be used on flat services. Like the MeFoto tripod it can be reverse folded and made into a monopod. It also comes with a leveling center column, meaning you can level the head independently of the tripod legs.