ONJ as a photo model: Olivia Newton-John photos and videos

In the 70’s and 80’s Olivia Newton-John was probably one of the most photographed women in the world. Princess Diana probably being the most photographed. If you search the internet you will find a treasure trove of photos showing Olivia in all kinds of settings. Since this website is about photography it is only fitting to show some Olivia Newton-John photos and videos that are available for purchase online. The following sites, among many others, have images and/or footage of Olivia Newton-John for sale. You can browse their catalogues through the links on this page.

Olivia Portraits by Michelle Day

Photographer Michelle Day has been working with Olivia for many years and they became close friends. Michelle has captured Olivia on many occasions for a wide range of media: magazines, newspapers, album covers, publicity items, etcetera. She is offering some of her best portraits of Olivia on her website Olivia Portraits. Many of the portraits available for purchase have been autographed by Olivia and/or Michelle. They are a great opportunity to own a very special item remembering Olivia. International shipping is available.

ONJ portrait by © Michelle Day

Dolfilms own portfolio

I myself was lucky to meet Olivia a few times and was able to take some photos of her as well. Dolfilms’ photos of Olivia are available here:

Dolfilms portfolio of ONJ photos at Alamy


ONJ images on Dreamtime


ONJ images on Alamy

Getty Images

ONJ images on Getty Images


Since Pond5 is mainly a footage site you will mostly find ONJ videos in their catalogue.

ONJ footage on Pond5

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