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Olivia Newton-John’s memoir: Don’t Stop Believin

In addition to her music and screen successes, Olivia is perhaps best known for her strength, courage and grace. After her own personal journeys with cancer, she has thrived and become an inspiration for millions around the world. A tireless advocate for countless charities, her true passion is as the founding champion of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Olivia has always radiated joy, hope and compassion – determined to be a force for good in the world.

Now she is sharing her journey, from Melbourne schoolgirl to international superstar, in this deeply personal book. Published in Australia in 2018, Don’t Stop Believin’ is Olivia Newton-John’s warm, candid and moving story in her own words for the very first time.

You can buy the ONJ Don’t stop believin paperback from Amazon. A better option would be to hear Olivia tell her story in her own voice and buy the audiobook.


Gaia – One Woman’s journey was written by Olivia Newton-John after her first cancer diagnosis in 1992. She wrote all the songs on the album, which was released in 1994. Since the album has such a special meaning to Olivia herself it was remastered and re-released for download in 2021. This is what Olivia has to say: ‘I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992. After my treatments were finished I was in Australia and was inspired to write all of the songs for this album, Gaia: One Woman’s Journey. It was a challenging time in my life so it was really important for me to share it again with all of you! It features my personal anthem – “Not Gonna Give In To It!” I hope you love it!’ You can listen to the remastered version of Gaia on Spotify. In January 2022, a few months after the download release, the remastered cd was released.


The 2017 album LIV ON is a labor of love by three singer-songwriters: Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen-Chapman and Olivia Newton-John. The motto of the album is: to aid and comfort those experiencing grief and loss while using the power of music to heal.

The songs the three ladies have written and perform together on this album convey a message of compassion and hope for those who have lost a loved one or are facing turbulent times in their lives, caused by loss, grief or pain resulting from an illness or other traumatic event.

The album was inspired by the mournful loss of Olivia’s sister Rona in 2013 to a brain tumor, which took her life in a mere three months. Since music had always kept her going Olivia asked her songwriting friends Beth and Amy if they would join her on an album that discusses pain and grief. They consequently collaborated on the creation of an album with music to help people overcome their grief.

The three, who previously worked together in different set-ups (Olivia has recorded songs written by Amy and Beth before, and Amy produced Olivia’s Grace and Gratitude album) have all had their own encounters with pain and grief. Both Olivia and Beth for instance have been on a cancer journey – in fact Olivia is on this journey again. And Amy had lost her mother not long before they started writing songs for the album.

Naturally the themes of the songs are not uplifting, but the stories they tell sometimes are. So it is not solely an album about grief, there is also a clear message of hope in there. Listen to Stone in my Pocket to find that grief can become a part of you, but not in a negative way. It’s an upbeat song about pain that will always stay with you, but in different shapes.

In 2017 the ladies did a short tour of the UK and visited several cities. They played all songs on the album as well as some of their own, all related to the subject matter of the evening. Both on the album and in a live setting their voices blend together perfectly in wonderful harmonies. With minimal musical accompaniment – mainly just a guitar and a piano – their message comes across even more poignantly.

During the concert they all shared some of their own personal stories with grief and even had a conversation with members of the audience who could share their stories. They concluded their tour in the wonderful location of Union Chapel in London.

Some songs that clearly stand out are Amy Sky’s rendition of her self-penned Phenomenal Woman and Beth Nielsen-Chapman’s Sand and Water, in which she describes the several phases of grief. This song clearly shows what a superb lyricist Beth is.

To emphasize that all grief and pain will pass, they ended each concert with a very joyful rendition of Pharrell William’s Happy, mashed with other songs referring to happiness, like Oh, Happy Day.

Later in 2017 they did several LIV ON concerts in the US, also performing the album live in its entirety.

The title song Live On was written by Amy and Olivia as a theme for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre. At that time Olivia did not know that one year later she would be diagnosed herself with cancer for a third time and would later even end up being a patient in the hospital that bears her name.  

If you are going through a difficult time, this album might just help you lift your heart going through hardship. It might prove to be a pleasant and cathartic experience.

Olivia summarizes their co-operation as follows: “We found that any time we shared a vulnerable part of us, we felt such an overwhelming feeling of kinship and relief… that we were not alone with our pain. We hope these songs that came from the depths of us, will offer a place of comfort to others.”


After 40 years the smash hit album Physical has been re-released as a remastered Physical (Deluxe Edition) CD/DVD with lots of bonus material. Besides the original tracks and bonus tracks, remixes and live recordings this edition also includes a DVD with the Physcial video album as well as the full Olivia: Live in Concert show from 1982. Olivia: ‘It’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since Physical was first released and I am thrilled that it’s getting this beautiful 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition. I am so proud of this record as it not only allowed me to try new things musically, but it became such a part of pop-culture history.  It also gave me the chance to work (again) with fellow Aussies – my amazing friend, songwriter and producer John Farrar and Steve Kipner, who co-wrote ‘Physical’. I remember being so nervous that I had ‘gone too far’ with the title song’s ‘cheekiness’ that I told my manager at the time, Roger Davies, to pull it off the album.  He laughed and said ‘luv, it’s too late it’s gone to radio and is climbing the charts!’

Olivia Newton-John & Jim Brickman: 25 years of Valentine

Pianist Jim Brickman has teamed up with Olivia Newton-John for a 25th Anniversary remixed release of the song Valentine, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2022. They first performed the song together on Brickman’s TV show ‘My Romance‘ in 2000. the songs was written by Brickman and Jack Kugell.

Olivia “I was honored to collaborate with Jim Brickman by recording ‘Valentine’ and releasing this special remix single for the song’s 25th anniversary.”

The song is has been played at literally thousands of weddings and has also ben covered by numerous other artists.

The song can be purchased as a digital download.

Oivia Newton-John memorabilia for sale

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