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Olivia Newton-John’s memoir: Don’t Stop Believin

In addition to her music and screen successes, Olivia is perhaps best known for her strength, courage and grace. After her own personal journeys with cancer, she has thrived and become an inspiration for millions around the world. A tireless advocate for countless charities, her true passion is as the founding champion of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Olivia has always radiated joy, hope and compassion – determined to be a force for good in the world.

Now she is sharing her journey, from Melbourne schoolgirl to international superstar, in this deeply personal book. Published in Australia in 2018, Don’t Stop Believin’ is Olivia Newton-John’s warm, candid and moving story in her own words for the very first time.

You can buy the ONJ Don’t stop believin paperback from Amazon. A better option would be to hear Olivia tell her story in her own voice and buy the audiobook.


Gaia – One Woman’s journey was written by Olivia Newton-John after her first cancer diagnosis in 1992. She wrote all the songs on the album, which was released in 1994. Since the album has such a special meaning to Olivia herself it was remastered and re-released for download in 2021. This is what Olivia has to say: ‘I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992. After my treatments were finished I was in Australia and was inspired to write all of the songs for this album, Gaia: One Woman’s Journey. It was a challenging time in my life so it was really important for me to share it again with all of you! It features my personal anthem – “Not Gonna Give In To It!” I hope you love it!’ You can listen to the remastered version of Gaia on Spotify. In January 2022, a few months after the download release, the remastered cd was released.


After 40 years the smash hit album Physical has been re-released as a remastered Physical (Deluxe Edition) CD/DVD with lots of bonus material. Besides the original tracks and bonus tracks, remixes and live recordings this edition also includes a DVD with the Physcial video album as well as the full Olivia: Live in Concert show from 1982. Olivia: ‘It’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since Physical was first released and I am thrilled that it’s getting this beautiful 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition. I am so proud of this record as it not only allowed me to try new things musically, but it became such a part of pop-culture history.  It also gave me the chance to work (again) with fellow Aussies – my amazing friend, songwriter and producer John Farrar and Steve Kipner, who co-wrote ‘Physical’. I remember being so nervous that I had ‘gone too far’ with the title song’s ‘cheekiness’ that I told my manager at the time, Roger Davies, to pull it off the album.  He laughed and said ‘luv, it’s too late it’s gone to radio and is climbing the charts!’

ONJ memorabilia for sale

As an admirer of Olivia Newton-John I have collected many ONJ memorabilia through the years. I am selling some of these through eBay (search for username: onjmemorabilia) with part of the proceeds to benefit the ONJCWRC and the ONJ Foundation Fund.