The Adobe Stock database

The Adobe Stock service provides designers and businesses with access to millions of high-quality curated and royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates for all their creative projects. The Adobe Stock database is owned by major software company Adobe (known for Photoshop, Lightroom and many other designer tools). Designers can also integrate the service in Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform for easy access. However, it also works on its own.

Royalty free

Adobe Stock offers various subscription models for royalty free purchases. With a royalty-free asset, the license fee is paid only once, and no additional payments are needed for additional uses. Royalty-free photos and videos are licensed for worldwide continued use and can be used for commercial, promotional, advertising, or merchandising purposes with the correct license. You can find pricing plans and subscription models here if you would like to purchase creative content. The past few years Adobe has become a large player in the field of stock.

Dolfilms portfolio on Adobe Stock contains photos and videos of landscapes, nature, travel locations and other subjects.

Proceeds donated to charity

Dolfilms will donate a portion of each sale to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre and the Olivia Newton-John Foundation, to support cancer treatments and research.

Dolfilms portfolio on Adobe Stock