Award shows pay tribute to Olivia Newton-John

Last week both the American Music Awards and the Australian Recording Industry Association awards shows paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John who passed away last August.

AMA’s USA – Pink

At the AMA’s on November 21 Pink gave a touching rendition of Olivia’s Grease ballad Hopelessly Devoted to You. Pink was introduced by singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge who spoke heartfelt words about Olivia:

“You stood in awe of her welcoming beauty, and you basked in the feeling that she was connecting to you alone. But when she opened her mouth to sing you knew instantly, you’d have to share her with the world,” Etheridge said. “As her tens of millions of fans will attest, to hear her sing — whether live at a theater or up on the silver screen — was to feel the power of art to transform the feelings we all have of love, of elation, and disappointment into something sublime.”

Pink performed the song in a beige Bob Mackie designed dress against a backdrop of images of Olivia throughout her life and career.

Pink and Olivia have always been admirers of each others work. Just before her AMA performance Pink spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she feels. She said her daughter helped her learn the song HDTY. She also spoke to Variety about her favorite Olivia song and in an interview with Extra she referred to Olivia as a legend.

Pink received lots of praise for her beautiful performance, and rightfully so.

Olivia a ten time award winner

Olivia has won ten American Music Awards in her lifetime. She won the first one way back in 1974 when Let Me Be There was chosen favorite country album and the last one in 1982 when she was voted Favorite Female Artist. She has also been a presenter at the show.

ARIA’s Australia

Olivia newton-John has been nominated for three ARIA awards in her lifetime and was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2002.

The 2022 ARIA’s award show was held on November 24 in Sydney and was hosted by singer Natalie Imbruglia.

Natalie and the artists Kye and Tones and I and Peking Duk sang parts of Olivia greatest hits Hopelessly Devoted to You, Xanadu and You’re The One That I Want and a pre-recorded message by Olivia’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi was shown. She said:

“Thank you so much for doing this beautiful tribute to my mum. She was so grateful and so moved by all of the support that she received from Australia during her cancer battle… I ask that you continue to remember my mum and honouring her by supporting the Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre so that my mum’s dream can come true: A world without cancer. Please enjoy the night, live it up, have fun, enjoy the tribute and enjoy life like my mum did.”

Chloe Lattanzi talk about her mother Olivia Newton-John at the 2022 ARIA's

Many comments on social media stated that a classy lady like Olivia deserved a much more classy performance and I have to agree. The ARIA tribute in Olivia’s beloved Australia was a bit of a disappointment. Even John Travolta’s and her daughter Chloe’s personal message could not remedy that. Others were quite pleased with the tribute though.