Olivia’s If Not For You album re-released with bonus tracks

Olivia Newton-John’s debut LP has been remastered and re-released as a Deluxe Edition on vinyl and as 2CD set with bonus tracks of previously unreleased songs. Her first ever LP If Not For You was released 50 years ago. The album is now being re-released by Green Hill Productions, a division of Primary Wave Music.

For this special re-release the original master tapes have been remastered by Vinny Vero and his team.

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Unreleased tracks

Disc 1 of the CD set contains the songs from the original 1971 LP, disc 2 features 17 bonus tracks of which two previously unreleased songs. These have been meticulously transferred from vinyl acetates by DjPault, which is a tedious process. Apart from these unreleased tracks this CD includes alternative versions of songs as well as B-sides to singles.

A new generation of music lovers will now be able to get acquainted with Olivia’s early recordings. The CD comes with a 28 page booklet with photos, information and lyrics, as well as an introduction by Olivia herself, which she was able to write before she passed. The never before released tracks are Round and Round and Game of Love, to which you can listen here:

Alternate takes are included of The Biggest Clown and Would You Follow Me. The Biggest Clown has never before appeared on CD and was only previously released as a B side to her If Not For You single.

The album is her first collaboration with songwriter and producer John Farrar, who was to play such an important role in her long career.

The CD also contains four songs from the musical sci-fi movie Toomorrow (1970): Walkin’ On Air, Goin’Back, I Could Never Live Without Your Love, and Roll Like The River.

Full track list

Track list of the 2CD set:

Disc 1
1. Me And Bobby McGee
2. If
3. Banks Of The Ohio
4. In A Station
5. Love Song
6. Help Me Make It Through The Night
7. If Not For You
8. Where Are You Going To My Love?
9. Lullaby
10. If You Could Read My Mind
11. If I Gotta Leave
12. No Regrets

Disc 2
1. Till You Say You’ll Be Mine
2. For Ever
3. The Biggest Clown
4. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye
5. Would You Follow Me
6. Walkin’ On Air
7. Goin’ Back
8. I Could Never Live Without Your Love
9. Roll Like The River
10. Don’t Move Away
11. Would You Follow Me (Edit)
12. Round And Round
13. The Biggest Clown
14. Game Of Love
15. Would You Follow Me
16. Unten Am Fluß, Der Ohio Heißt (German Version of “Banks Of The Ohio”)
17. Unten Am Fluß, Der Ohio Heißt (Instrumental)


You can listen to the full remastered album on Spotify and other streaming services:

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