Olivia Newton-John and husband John Easterling - founders of the ONJ Foundation

Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling speak at Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium on May 22, 2022

At the United in Compassion symposium Olivia Newton-John and her husband ‘Amazon John’ Easterling spoke about the benefits of cannabis and Amazonian herbs in the treatment of cancer.

The symposium was aimed at raising awareness for and growing acceptance of the access to and usage of cannabis for patients in Australia.

Olivia and John spoke by phone from their home in the USA about what cannabis has meant for the treatment of Olivia’s cancer and how her husband John, a plant medicine expert, has been growing special strains of cannabis at his research location in California to find and test the best cultivars for the treatment of cancer – in Olivia’s case breast cancer.

Olivia Newton-John and husband John Easterling - founders of the ONJ Foundation
Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling in their green house

John Easterling has started working with cannabis in the seventies and the past ten years he has intensified his research to aid the treatment of his beloved wife’s cancer. John has created a small research lab on the grounds of their ranch in California. For 27 years he had been working with Amazonian herbs as a plant medicine. Over the years he has gained an enormous amount of knowledge in this field and is generally considered to be an expert.

In his research lab he started with 21 different cannabis chemovars but has now brought that down to 4 which provide the most effective treatment of his wife’s cancer. He discovered that all chemovars with their different cannabinoids and terpenes have different effects on the body. Currently a lot of discoveries are being made with regards to the specific effects of cbd, thc, cbg, cbc, etceterera. More than one hundred cannabinoids are known by now and still a lot of research lies ahead. John has also been breeding new genetics in his green house to find the right combination to reach a certain effect.

John has also been combining cannabis with Amazonian herbs for a specific synergy which has been proven to work in the treatment of Olivia’s cancer. He has also discovered that the use of this combination also leads to a better effect when the cancer treatment also involves chemotherapy.

Olivia states that the use of cannabis oil, topically and orally, helps her with pain, comfort, mood and clarity of the mind. Tests have also shown that some of her tumours have shrunk.

She begin talking about using cannabis around 2017 when there was still a stigma around it, especially in Australia where she spends a lot of her time and where the hospital named after her, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre , is located. She wants to be an advocate and spread the world to help others because the use of cannabis has helped her so much and changed her life.

You can listen to the interview Olivia and John did for the symposium in the video below.

The Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund which was established a few years ago is funding research into plant medicine and specifically cannabis as a medicine and treatment for different kind of cancers. The aim of the foundation is to find kinder and more effective ways to treat cancer. Several research projects have already been funded and are under way.