Olivia Newton-John and her sister Rona Newton-john

Olivia Newton-John’s Hotel Sessions EP is now available for streaming. Hotel Sessions was first released on CD in 2014 as a tribute to her sister Rona, who had passed in May 2013 of an aggressive brain tumour. The songs include a cover of the well-known song Broken Wings, made famous by Mr. Mister, Bow River by Ian Moss and two songs penned by Olivia’s nephew, musician and photographer, Brett Goldsmith – her sister Rona’s son – and one, End in Peace, written by Olivia and Brett together.
The previously unreleased demo’s were recorded in hotel rooms in Australia between 2002 and 2011 – hence the title. Brett not only wrote some of the songs, he was also the producer of this extraordinary collection of Olivia songs. The cover photo was also shot by Brett, who is an accomplished photographer.
The EP is a must have for Olivia fans because of its special meaning to Olivia and her family, and because the songs are simply great and show a different side of Olivia’s musical capabilities.

The insert text of the original cd reads:

This CD is dedicated with love and gratitude to Brett’s mother, my beautiful sister, Rona.
She was always a source of strength for our music together.

Olivia and Brett